Why Did She Leave Me? 2+1 Reasons She Broke Up With You

2+1 Reasons She Broke Up With You
Sometimes breaking up with a girl can be so sudden and seem like a disaster. Everybody has felt like this at least once in his life. Why does this happen?

“Why did she leave me?” I bet you have asked yourself and your friends this question at least once in your life, after a sudden break up with your girlfriend. Yeap, she broke up with you. All of a sudden, without any actual warning. You feel like you lost everything. Let me tell you something. We’ve all been through this situation at least once in our lives, no matter how good we are with women and it sucks!

First Things First….


The hardest thing in a relationship for a newbie, is the beginning: How to approach a girl, create attraction, make her feel unique and appreciated. Create natural chemistry and real connection, in order to start a sexual relationship with her. Exchanging numbers, the first date, the first kiss, etc etc. Everything seems so difficult and men tend to think that the hardest part after all is getting a girl to sleep with you. They do not realise that the real trouble begins after sex.

Relationship Management issues can be a real pain in the ass! If you are a newbie, I know you think the most difficul part is to get the girl at first. But having been a newbie myself, having made this journey from an Average Joe to a Ladiesman, I can assure you that handling a relationship is most difficult part. However, if you think that getting good at meeting women is a painful and long procedure, you could succeed in getting there faster by attending a Bootcamp.

The Game never ends. The Game does not end after getting laid. On the contrary,  it gets harder. Women are hardwired and socially programmed to gain control in a relationship. On the other hand, the whole thing is more pleasant once you start being succesful with girls – intimacy, companionship, getting sexually active, all those are great rewards and the reasons you get into all this trouble in the first place – so do not be afraid to get there!

Why would a girl leave you? 3 Reasons that relationships end



  • No Respect.

Mutual respect is a must for every healthy relationship – not only a romantic one. As time goes by, couples beging to feel too comfortable with each other. Risky business! Getting too familiar with one another could lead to considering the relationship something given that you do not have to fight for and maintain, so respect is in danger of disappearing, as enthusiasm and other strong  feelings start fading away after the beggining of a relationship.

  • N0 Common Interests.

Likeness is the key to chemistry that no other dating guru is aware of. When you click with women, it’s because you talk about things you like, it’s all likeness. In fact, if you read any basic social psychology book, you’ll see a ton of studies that indicated the #1 thing between married couples and sexual partners is commonalities. Having things in common, doing the same things, liking the same things, responding to the same things, having the same kind of humor. All that stuff is the major academic explanation for attraction in all its varied forms.

So this is something no one else talks about as far as I know, and something that’s so powerful. And likeness is the best way to warm a cold approach for the average guy and keep a relationship going. So, if your girlfriend and you have different hobbies, different taste in music, movies etc, after the first weeks of intense passion and sex have passed, you will begin to realise that there are not too many things keeping you together.

Likeness builds a lot of trust and connection. It’s like almost a natural thing that the two of you will hang out and be friends, because you do the same things anyway. Not having things in common will eventually create a huge gap between the two of you and the end is near.

  • The couple stops flirting with each other.

The Game NEVER ENDS. Flirting is an awesome habbit. If you want a healthy romantic relationship, you have to keep flirting with your companion – and not only her!



get serious

I am not suggesting you go out and start flirting or approaching girls if you are in a meaningful relationship. On the other hand, you are in a relationship, you are not dead. Tease a girl, challenge a girl, be playful with women. Keep it alive. Getting compliments will help you feel an alpha male in a relationship and not take any shit you don’t want to take. Otherwise, if you feel losing your flirting skills, you will start feeling you NEED your girlfriend and be afraid of being single again.

Same thing with your girlfriend. Tease her, pay attention to her. Go on a date. Surprise her at least once a month. Create a jealousy plotline at least once a month. Do not let things get too predictable between the two of you, because attraction will start fading.

Do not try to contain your girlfriend. Do not “forbid” her from going out alone or talking to people. She should feel free to do whatever she wants. Do not ignore suspicious signals if you think she is cheating on you, but trying to control her is definately the wrong way to go. You will never trust a girl this way. Instead, you will keep supressing her needs, till the point she will feel like a prisoner and react violently. Don’t forget to keep her on her toes at least once a month, creating a jelousy plotline. By doing this and by keeping flirting with her, you will manage to maintain attraction on a high level.

Being in a relationship can be so hard. Yourself is always coming through when you spend so much time with another person. You could hide your weaknesses when you approach a girl for the first time, but for how long could you do that when you spend so much time together? Are you ready to get drastically better in only 48 hours?

Once you start this magical journey in the world of flirting, you will never be the same again. You will become the man you are dreaming of being. Are you ready to live the Bootcamp experience?

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