Anestis: by being for many years a very disappointed guy with many failures in life and guided by his despair, Anestis tried to approach women believing he deserved something better. And he succeeded!

He is especially known by the way he developed the online Game through social media, which are his first and best tools for flirting. He has developed so much that the Online Game – Dating on the internet and Facebook, has reached a new level and at the same time, his seminars on flirting are so known that he repeatedly has been interview by the Greek Media.

His specialties are his humor, his coolness and his spontaneous improvisation.  He has tremendous energy which in combination with his genuine humor, enthusiasm and huge experience can captivate not only individual women but whole groups of people! Apart from flirting, he is passionate with everything he does in life and is a well know player as he has been active since 2008.

Some of Anestis advantages in his evolution into a real master of flirt and its structures, from approaching to seduction, have been his analytical thinking, his quick evaluation of a situation and the ability to extract immediate learning feedback from each and every one interaction with women. These abilities have led him, not only to evolve so quickly but also to be able to transfer his knowledge. Becoming an instructor was his next natural thing to do.

He is a very well known Pick Up Artist in the Greek community, having a deep grasp of flirting and psychology between men and women, which he keeps evolving during these difficult times for Greek day life, with a single purpose in mind, to make flirting easy and available for all men out there.

Meanwhile, his eagerness to master flirting led him to coaching seminars with Venusian Art, Mystery’s team, whom by many, are considered the fathers of modern days flirting.

As Anestis usually sais: “In the eyes of the students, I see myself many years ago so I know how they feel and that is what makes me wanna give my 100%”

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