What are the MenOfStyle.gr Bootcamps?

What are the MenOfStyle.gr Bootcamps?

The MenOfStyle Bootcamps are coaching services (guidance), that help the participant handle the dynamics and situations that are created during a man to woman interaction. Flirting is analyzed and structured in such a degree, that it is like a map you can follow step by step. This is a life altering experience for those that are interested in changing their results with women. Furthermore, it will help you obtain the basis to become the man that they and women dream them to be.

By participating in a Bootcamp you meet our team. Together we will handle the dynamics and barriers that might arose during the approach, the new acquaintance, dating, and the handling of a relationship. Together we will apply all the techniques and practices, customized on your needs in order to help you develop. We will examine and work on your needs and the specialties of your character and the surrounding environment you live and work.

What do they include?

The Bootcamps are specially designed to cover our inner and outer game in any areas we might need improvement. Based on that, they consist of two parts, theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part consists of two parts: 

In the first part, we explain to you how you should feel and how you should handle your emotions, before, during and after the interaction with a woman. It is important for the participant to understand that people see us as we see ourselves. So, with specific and effective techniques, we will change anything necessary in your inner world and thoughts, so as to be more effective and in a good mind state during the approach of women. (Inner Game)

In the second part, we analyze practices on how we behave, what we do and what we say at first, so that we feel better with the image we project to women, make them enjoy our company and gain their interest. Hints and tips, so that you never run out of thing to discuss with women when you realize that the conversation is dying and special communication structures that include body language, proper phasing, voice tonality and even the way you look at her. (Outer Game)

In the practical part, we apply everything we learned in theory.

We apply everything that the participant needs to practice and evolve, with the guidance of the instructors on MenOfStyle.gr. Together, we go out and have drinks or coffee, at the street, bars or clubs. Together, we approach every available woman that you like and initiate a conversation, so that we all have fun. Together, we will initiate the contact, attract their interest, create the dynamics that eventually could lead to something more. This is an amazing experience, with multiple approaches to women, guidance and correction of mistakes and highlighting of all the strong points. (Infield)

 What will I learn?

Among other, you will learn:

  1. A list of all the triggers that turn on – or off- the attraction and how to activate them
  2. How to approach any group of people, either mixed or consisting of only women
  3. How to escalate touching and use effective body language
  4. How to approach barwomen, waitresses, dancers, or even strippers (without spending a single sent)
  5. Online Game
  6. How to always feel sure and confident
  7. Endless pick up lines and routines, so that you always have something to say and not get panicked.
  8. How to turn a simple conversation into sexual
  9. How to escalate the interaction by taking her phone number, or by bouncing into another venue (or your space).
  10. How to handle the dynamics in the next dates or in any relationship you might have.


I want to participate. What are my options?

Premium Bootcamp (Strictly small groups)

This is designed especially for people that are determined to change and need help to discipline themselves and commit to the target. This program is recommended to everyone that wants to radically change in all aspects of life.

It consists of:

  1. 3 hours of theory.
  2. 6 hours/2 nights out infield in bars/clubs, 3 hours per night in specifically selected places.
  3. Guidance from 3 instructors of MenOfStyle.gr at the same time, so that you get the elements you like the most.
  4. Notes to study so that you don’t need to take notes and focus your attention and energy to where it really matters.
  5. The expenses of your night out. (Including 1-2 drinks per night infield)
  6. Phone and e-mail support – Advice for anything you might need for 6 months.
  7. 20% discount in any other program you might select afterwards.
  8. Access to – members only – material for those that have participated in Bootcamps.
  9. First in and discount in conventions and events we participate or organize as MenOfStyle.gr
  10. Evaluation Sheet where you grade our effort so that we get feedback for our Services and improve.


Is there anything else I need to know?

  • In every approach, we are together. Either we or you initiate it, we will help you. We are always together. You will never be alone, unless you feel like it.
  • The Bootcamp will be designed specifically for your needs. From theory to every last piece of practice, everything is customized on you.
  • Every meeting or discussion we have is There is total discretion and even we operate on a need to know basis.
  • Your evolution as a Pick Up Artist, is something we work together. We want to build a trusting relationship with you and not just show you some techniques and let you go. We want to help people evolve to what they dream of and not just give advice.
  • At the end of every theoretical or practical session, you verbally evaluate the instructors, apart from the overall evaluation at the end of the Bootcamp.
  • If you would like for a friend to join you, so that you work together on this amazing journey, then we will help you by giving you another 20% discount in any program you select together.
  • We are professionals but above all we love the Game. This love, we mostly want to impart to you. So we will pressure you as much as it is needed to become who you really want to and at the same time we will have great fun. This is an experience that is like no other.

This is only a decision. The decision to, finally follow your dreams and become better than ever. We wait for you. Book the program that you are interested in, now! Get a free briefing by filling the following form. It will only take 10 seconds.

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I’m not sure yet:

Our high level knowledge, the quality of procedures and practices we use and the professionalism of all of us in MenOfStyle.gr, allows us to guarantee the results.

  • If you want to see, to be convinced that what you read in our articles is possible.
  • If you want in your life the women you deserve and you don’t like reading.
  • If you want to put in order everything you know about the female psychology, behavior and reactions.
  • If you want to be treated by those that surround you like the man you really deserve.
  • If you want better results in your love life.
  • If you want help and step by step guidance specifically applied on your needs in all these matters,

Then you can choose a subscription Bootcamp program and all the team of MenOfStyle.gr will be available to make you who you dream to be.

By filling the following form, our Head Instructor Anestis, will get in contact with you, to provide you with a complete and free briefing.


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