Chris: Chris’s first contact with Pick Up was in 2005. He has been an active member of the Greek Pick Up scene since 2006 and is considered the father figure of the Greek community and by far, the best active Pick Up Artist in Greece.

In 2008 he realized that the real meaning in Game is not within pick up lines and systems of approaching but rather that, these were just steps, the beginning of a new life full of crucial inner changes and evolvement in any aspect of life. He switched his way of approaching in a more Natural Game and emphasized in relationship management structures, so much, that he decided to expand his knowledge on psychology, in order to connect his already rich experience with the expertise that would allow him a deeper understanding of the interpersonal contact between men and women.

Since the end of 2009 Chris is a top Dating Coach and relationship advisor and a founding member of

His personal belief is that the Game is a deep internal voyage of constant improvement through which a person can express in high levels, his personality, emotions and instincts. He considers the Game to be the intermediate for a deep introspection so that anyone can have life full of rich and special experiences, where the constant personal development is not the goal but the everyday way of life.

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