Dimitris: The epitome of what could be described as a restless spirit, Dimitris is specialized in the engineering and works in big technical projects. He emphasizes in logistics and reaches the level of supply supervisor for a huge Greek company.

Having always been different than his friends in matters of approaching women, he believed from his early years that you did not need a social network to meet women, and although he did not possess any knowledge of social dynamics, he approached women with fairly good results. His passion for books and his obsession for the theoretical background on the matters that define a Man along with his constant interest on social issues and matters of human behavior, led to the decisive moment where he came in contact with Pick Up on 2011.

The turning point in his rapid development as one of the best Artists in women seduction was his contact with Chris at first and afterwards with Anestis and Spiros.

The basic principle of his personal belief about development is a phrase that has become his personal moto The Self Is Always Coming Through”. That is his guideline for his students: Don’t pretend that you are the best. Become what you want to be!

His imposing appearance and his talent in combining cockiness and humor, his exceptional handling of the Greek language and his countless experiences from traveling abroad, have set a new bar to the direct, instinctive attraction between men and women, making him one of the most “aggressive” and direct Player.

Soon, he becomes wing of some of the best, well known Greek Pick Up Artists. As an ex member of the Special Forces, he is engaged in armed security services in various countries, where even there he finds himself in the company of women he approached.

At the same time, he studies about self improvement, anthropology, communications, social dynamics, female psychology, and his greatest passion, masculinity, thus creating one of the biggest personal archives in Greece.

Finally, through MenOfStyle.gr and the collaboration with the best of the field, through article writing, infield action in Bootcamps and his personal seminar, he provides all the knowledge that helped him become a better being, as an instructor.

He maintains a personal site that is oriented in matters of masculinity development.

He specializes in Female Attraction and Male behavior.

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