Don’t Let Jealousy Kill Your Relationship

Dont Let Jealousy Kill Your Relationship -
jealousy can destroy your relationship in a moment. Train yourself to trust your girlfriend and make her feel free. Don't fall into the trap.

Jealousy is one of the worst characteristics a man could have, especially if it is out of control. It does not matter if it is 100% justified or how much in love you might feel. Jealousy is the one thing that could destroy your relationship in a moment.

Do I have your attention?.. good. I used to have sex with this beautiful girl who was cheating on her boyfriend (with me). I rememmber her complaining to me about her boyfriend, that he was so jealous of her, always accusing her of cheating on him. Can you see what’s wrong here? Her boyfriend was complaining to legit reasons! She was actually cheating on him. And it was not her first time, with me.


There’s no other solution. It doesn’t matter if men are constantly flirting with her. You need to show you are not affected by all this at all. You need to stay unreactive. If she wants to flirt with other men, anyway, she will, even if you try to “forbid” her. If she is attractive, there will be dozens of men waiting for her attention. If she is super hot, there will be an army waiting for her. That’s a fact and could be proved to be a painful one.


I remember one girlfriend of mine 3 years ago. She was so unbelievably beautiful, that club owners and famous athletes were after her. She literally had thousands of offers and proposals. This is a gorgeous woman’s reality and she will not tolerate you being super jealous.

A girlfriend that is emotionally and sexually complete in her relationship will easily deny another man’s offer and it is more likely for her to be loyal. Nevertheless, when her boyfriend starts getting jealous and accusing her of being unfaithful, the girl will think: ” He already thinks I am cheating on him and we fight about it all the time, I might as well cheat on him then so I will not hear him shouting and crying for no reason”. I have heard women say this thing using those exact words, again and again!

What do you need to do?

It is of major importance to give your girlfriend space and freedom. If she wants to go out with her girl friends, let her go. If she wants to go on holidays alone for 4-5 days, let her go. The same counts for you, of course. You will go out with your friends as well. She needs to know that you trust her and that trust is built on a daily basis. All she has to do is make sure her attitude towards you inspires respect and trust and she will keep enjoying the freedom you offer in your relationship.

What if she gets flirty and gives you a valid reason for you to get jealous?


You should not start arguing or try to get into a rational conversation with her. It is always pointless. If you see that your girlfriend is openly flirting with other men, allowing them to go after her, something is wrong with your relationship. She might as well have cheated on you already. Only thing you ought to do is tell her why you are leaving and leave. No discussion, no arguements, no fight needed. Actually, if it’s not too late, you might see your girlfriend come back to you or not let you go and start treating you the way she should (with respect). On the other hand, if she doesn’t try to stop you or come back, you made a clever move to walk away.

The more you train yourself to not feel jealous or show your jealousy, the easier it will be for you to change your attitude. You will stop feeling stress or anxiety and you will be calmer in your relationship. But always remember: a girlfriend who has cheated in the past, will cheat again. Perhaps not on you, but she will cheat again.

How will you train yourself not to be jealous?

Training yourself to not be jealous is not easy, especially for someone who has always been that kind of guy. Being jealous had been one of my many waeaknesses in the past as well. I got over it and it was painful. I met this girl who was 1.000.000 times more jealous than me. She fed me with my own poison and I got over it.

Keeping balance in a relationship is the hardest thing  a man can do, but if your problem is meeting and attracting beautiful women, join us here!


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