Flirting lessons via Skype across the world

Personal Skype Lessons

Would you like us to help you flirt with women you meet in Facebook, chat rooms or anywhere on the internet and win them over?

Would you like to have these lessons in the comfort of your home or office, easily, fast and anonymously?

Would you like to try our services via Internet technology?

Book your place in Skype Personal Lessons and let’s get started! Minimum call time: One (1) hour.

Best for those that prefer the Online Game (Facebook – Chat rooms – Twitter – or other internet applications) or for those that live anywhere in the world, can not visit our office and need our help.

In a few hours you can learn:

  1. A list of all the triggers that create or destroy attraction and how to activate them
  2. How to approach any group of people, mixed groups or “clean” (women only).
  3. How to escalate physically and have correct body language.
  4. How to approach barwomen, waitresses, dancers or even strippers without spending a single sent.
  5. Online Game (Facebook Seminar & Twitter Seminar).
  6. How to be confident all the time.
  7. Endless Pick Up lines and routines so that you always have something to say and not panic.
  8. How to lead the conversation from small talk to sexual.
  9. How to escalate the interaction: getting her phone number, bouncing to other venues or even your house!
  10. How to deal with the dynamics on the next dates or during the relationship.



Skype Lessons Two for One

Would you like to participate with a friend of yours, your wingman or a partner? Then we can help. Book the following pack for two and get a discount.

By filling the following form, our Head Instructor Anestis, will get in contact with you, to provide you with a  free complete briefing.

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