I Made a Beautiful Girl Feel Jealous and Chase me

I Made a Beautiful Girl feel Jealous
Making a beautiful girl chase you is only about two things: 1. Draw her interest 2. Make her feel jealous

Perhaps it sounds out of this world for many of you readers, but it is true. That night, I made a beaufitul girl feel jealous and chase me. She tried to win me over, as I was surrounded by beautiful women and I made her feel that SHE earned ME.

How is that even possible?

Was it easy to make a really beautiful girl feel jealous and chase me?
κάνε τη να σε κυνηγήσει

Sometimes, you can just feel it. Everything is working for you. The lines, body language, tonality, your delivery, the way women respond to you, everything seems to be perfect and you feel that tonight is your night, bro. As Americans say for athletes, you are “in the zone”. This is what I felt that night. I was in the zone and everything was going according to plan.

Being in the zone

in the zone

North Athens, Greece, Summer. One of my best friends and I were waiting for some beautiful girls in a fancy club at Kefalari, two of them were family friends, they both had amazingly beaufitul girl – friends. While waiting at the bar, I approached two gorgeous girls. They were alone. My target (the girl I was sexually interested in) started throwing Indicators of Interest at me.

After five or six minutes, she goes: “Before we go on I NEED to know your sign. If it is no good, we shouldn’t talk”. I felt there was so much attraction, so I played no games and told her my sign. She said we made a good match! (that was a strong Statement of Interest from her part) Our girls arrived, just a couple of minutes later. I had already told my target that I was waiting for some (girl) friends, but still the effect was awesome. Six Gorgeous girls started giggling and calling my name as they hugged me and kissed me on the chick, one after another. I could feel my target’s jealousy in her eyes, as I left her, promising to get back in a few minutes, after I catch up with my (girl) friends.



Jealousy plotling was ON! “So you are going back to your beautiful girls, right? Perhaps you will approach other girls from the other side of the club, where I can not see you”. Her tonality was not aggressive. It was as if she was a five year old girl, complaining and seeking my attention. I was loving it right now. It was awesome! I smiled, not responding neither apologizing (what to apologize for?) and left, promising again that I would be back soon.


So… there I was, 10 minutes later, after flirting intensely with one of the girls I already knew who was ALSO JEALOUS of the new girl I had just met – how awesome is that, again! I started escalating with my original target. We exchanged numbers, when she suddenly did something that totally surprised me – and not in a good way.

“Anestis, let me ask you a question please, you are so smart”. I responded with a head tilt, so she moved on:

“I met this guy 7 days ago.. we were flirting for 2 hours, he kept saying how excited he was he met me but he NEVER CALLED…. why?”

I am looking at her, feeling nothing and wondering if she were stupid. So I asked her:

“Are you stupid?”

“We’ve been flirting for an hour, you keep saying how happy you are you met me and how much you like me and now what? You want a piece of advice for the previous week’s boyfriend? Am I your gay friend, perhaps?”

I had lost all my romantic or sexual interest about this girl. Just like that. I am ready to walk away when the girl grabs my arm. “Please, don’t leave. I’m so sorry”. I calmly remove her hand from my arm and respond: “I don’t want to keep talking to you right now, so I am going back to my friends. Give me 5 minutes alone because I am angry at you right now. Then, if you still want to talk to me, come and find me. Ask for my forgiveness and I might come back.”

So, I left…


As I went back to my table, I made a mess so I could sit between my girls, using an excuse to talk to the one of my two family friends – friends, so if my original target came back for me, she would have to pass through my gorgeous girls in order to talk to me. Oh, I was good!

The Return of the Sinner…

η επιστροφή

I can see her coming back, 7-8 minutes later. Standing in front of my table, all my girl – friends (including my target in there) watching:

“Please, Anestis, please.. please, come back. I’m so sorry, I was really stupid. Please, I want to talk to you some more, don’t be mad at me..”

All my girls were shocked. They knew I had just met this girl. I responded calmly but not in a positive way yet, made her apologize and beg a bit more before I got up and gave in.


The first time that a very beautiful woman will admit to herself that she is sexually attracted to you, is when you make her feel jealous.


  1. My original target was my new girlfriend, just a couple of days later.
  2. My other target (one of my girl – friends) also became my girlfriend, two weeks later. She was so curious about me after watching the apologize incident, that she asked for my phone number.

To sum up, three steps are enough to make a gorgeous girl chase you:

  1. Make her feel attracted to you.
  2. Make her feel jealous.
  3. DO NOT be afraid to lose her

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