In 3 hours you can get experience worth of a life time!

If you want to succeed, do not wait for an opportunity. Create one for yourself. You need to act with all your powers. Let’s be honest. Your actions reflect your reality, so your actions must be decisive and show your deepest desires.

Imagine that you are having drinks with some friends and you see a beautiful woman. You get that feeling of excitement and willingness to meet her. Your heart bit rises and you get that well known feeling in your chest. Yet, the moment you are ready to make the first step, something prevents you from going! You hesitate and your chance is lost forever. You feel awkward and disappointed. Don’t worry. You are not alone. We have all experienced situations like this one where the opportunity was lost because we did not approach the girl.

What would have happened if you had had the courage to go and talk to her?

What would happen if you had the ability to offer unlimited chances to yourself?

Now you have the opportunity to learn how and you can use it NOW!

After years of continuous professional effort and testing we are able to offer you an extreme effective experience of approaching women through a step by step training process. You do not have to decide now. Just read the following…

During The infield service:

  • MenOfStyle Coaches provide you with constant support and guidance all the time.
  • You will never be alone during an approach.
  • You will always have at least one coach by your side to support you in every step.

But that’s not all… Do you know what is so amazing about this Service?

Sometimes, you will not have to approach women!

Do you want to know how this is possible?

By realizing that this Service can open paths for you that you did not know they exist.

Don’t forget that you are ALREADY good. You are not lacking a certain characteristic that is essential. But if you are someone that seeks constantly to improve, this Service is for you.

What will you get?

  • Knowledge earned after thousands of approaches.
  • Which are the most usual negative responses of women and how to deactivate them.
  • How to recognize availability so that you approach women that fit your mood.
  • How to use conscious functions of your brain so that you do not run out of things to say.
  • Why Body Language is important and how to control it.
  • How to recognize the woman you are talking to is attracted to you and how to make her feel attracted to you at will even if she does not.
  • How, in few hours, you can meet more women than in a whole year!

Our work is based in details, constant observation and development. This is the knowledge we offer and the only acceptable result is the positive result.

What do you say? You will learn:

  • Not to be emotionally influenced by procedures that demand high performance but rather be even more motivated by them
  • What are the signs that every woman shows that tell you how to seduce her
  • What is the necessary combination to express sexuality, willingness and determination
  • In what ways do you sabotage your success with women
  • How can you reach a level that you unconsciously project the characteristics of a top male
  • How can you calibrate your reactions in every situation for maximum results
  • How to use the natural ability of your brain to create patterns of success and creativity
  • Through sophisticated communication techniques, how can you create strong sexual chemistry with the women you talk
  • How can you tell and handle a woman’s logical and emotional patterns
  • How to expose yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can evolve your skills
  • How to turn your passion into actual steps of achievement and how to instantly act
  • How to stimulate your motives at will so that you create social interactions from scratch
  • How to arise from a passive frame of conversation with women and project your reality
  • How to use every single experience you have as knowledge, to change and develop in every aspect of your life
  • How to unlock at will your existing potential

Once you decide to make the next step, everything will change.

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