Money Doesn’t Guarantee a Happy Relationship

Money Doesnt Guarantee a Happy Relationship
Money can not buy happiness, neither can guarantee that your girlfriend will not leave you. This is the ugly truth. Money is not enough

Don’t let the article title mislead you completely. Money can help you experience a healthy and quality relationship and be able to afford a lifestyle that a girl will be more than happy to be a part of. Money can’t help you keep your girlfriend, though, by spending it or showing it off.

My well off Friend


A couple of days ago, I went out with an old friend of mine. Very cool guy. Athletic, well groomed, great style, well behaved, educated. Interesting hobbies, extreme sports, loves travelling expensively. He also loves women and loves being in a committed relationship. He is not afraid to approach an attractive woman. He is social and an extrovert. He is interesting, and, although he does not really flirt with a woman, he is able to draw her attention.

We talked on the phone after months and decided to go for drinks. After spending some time catching up, he started talking to me about his last girlfriend. Before I go on, you should know that my friend is well off and he is a businessman. He is not extremely wealthy, but he does pretty good for himself.


His Last Girlfriend

He started talking to me about his last girlfriend. They had just broken up, after a four month relationship. He told me he has lost faith that there is a descent girl for him out there. He keeps meeting women that are wrong for him and history keeps repeating itself. We had to have a really long talk about it, in order for him to realize that he keeps making the same mistakes. So, it is not only the women’s fault after all.

My friend as a bachelor


  • He is a regular at the gym
  • he is social, meets a lot of people and keeps touch with powerful people
  • he goes surfing and is a winter swimmer
  • he is a businessman, a workaholic
  • He loves traveling, high value clubs, fancy restaurants, expensive hotels
  • You got to like his style

My friend in a relationship: What did his girlfriend make him do


  • She made him quit the gym. She said that he goes there to flirt with other girls so he should quit the gym if he loved her.
  • She made him stop going out with some of his friends, because she said they are “bad influence”. They date women who are too much younger than them (and her) and this is unethical.
  • She made him stop talking to girls he knew, because “they are sluts since they come to this club” but “I am a lady, I am not one of them” even if she is a regular at this club as well.
  • She made him stop surfing because there are too many young hot girls surfing as well and he is “dangerous” so he should respect her jealousy.
  • They went away together for 8 days. He paid for almost everything – about 2,000 euros. His girlfriend had some irrational demands, like a spoilt child that made his life miserable. She never offered to pay for anything.

So his girlfriend’s ex boyfriend invited her to a night club – he is a dj – and she said yes. She did not invite my friend there, though. She says she is now friends with her ex boyfriend and that my friend should trust her because her ex boyfriends are quality people, unlike my friend’s ex girlfriends.

What does this story teach us?


  • You could buy drinks and dinner every night, this will not make your girlfriend respect you.
  • You could change your lifestyle so that she wouldn’t worry or get jealous. There is no promise though that she will do the same for you as well.
  • You could plan the perfect holidays for you two, pay every luxurious thing she might want. Still, no guarantee that she will not leave you for someone who could offer more.

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