Why Are You So Much Afraid? Get Over Your Fear

Why Are You So Much Afraid? Get Over Your Fear

An Average guy is afraid to be spontanious while flirting or trying to flirt with a woman he is attracted to. In fact, the more he is into her, the more difficult will be for him to express himself freely. So, what happens next? He feels trapped, being overwhelmed by Fear. Fear that he might say something that will turn off the girl.

What are you really afraid of?


So here comes the 1 million dollar question: What are you afraid when you’re talking to a girl you just met? Do you owe her anything or you just believe that if you say exactly what you’re thinking she will be offended?

Saturday Night..

Saturday night

I was recently out for drinks. And when I say drinks, I mean approaching and flirting with beautiful women. I just can not get enough! After a walk, approaching women at the street where I exchanged numbers with a beautiful girl – approaching girls on the street is always super fun  and the best way to get warmed up – I ended up in a bar. My buddy and I have just met two gorgeous girls.


at the bar..

So there we are, talking to two beautiful girls, when I said something I would have never thought of telling a few years ago. Yet, it was the thing that accelerated and escalated things between us. Our communication was pretty simple at the begining. “Where do you live”, “where do I live”, “what do I do” etc etc. I started teasing her from start though – teasing is the key – and touching her. Her responses were positive and I was getting many indicators of interest. She started talking to me about a trip she was going to make abroad and we stayed on that subject for a while.

Bombs away!


As my wingman and I had isolated our two girls and were into it, I turn to my buddy and whisper to him: “my target looks like the girl who is coming to my place tomorrow!”. I had just shown him the girl’s photos that was visiting me the next day, so he knew and he agreed. My next thought, was: “why not?” So I turn to my target and tell her:

Me: you look a lot like the girl who is coming to my place tomorrow

Girl: (laughing)

Me: Seriously, this is not a line (I was smiling). A girl who looks just like you is coming to my place tomorrow

Girl: haha ok :)

Me: Of course I’d love you to come to my place soon, but tomorrow is no good for me, I have plans.

Girl: Am I more attractive than her? (instead of getting annoyed or turned off, she got jealous! She got jealous and needed my validation.)


Me: I don’t know.. get up and give me a spin. (she was sitting at the bar)

Girl: Nooo I am bored…

Me: Come on, don’t be lazy, just get up.

She smiles. She gets up and starts showing off her body. I make no comment about her looks and let her sit down again. She is already trying to seduce me and convince me that she is more attractive than the other girl.

Getting her friend on my side


I hug my target and talk to the obstacle (her friend):

Me: Don’t you think your friend and I look amazing together?

Obstacle: So amazing! (they definately girl – coded before her response)

Exchanging phone numbers

ανταλλαγή κινητών

I get back talking to my target:

Me: We shall go for a drink but you’d better behave! Don’t start hitting on me right away!

Target: I only behave if I want to! (she gave me a naughty look and smile)

I give her my mobile phone, she gives me her number – I didn’t have to say anything. She gave herself a call to get my number as well, showed me that she got the call (so that I knew she gave me her real number). We talked for a few more minutes and I left. NEVER leave right after you have exchanged numbers. It gives a bad impression: “I got what I wanted so piss off!”

I would have never been able to talk like that to a girl that I liked in the past. I would so be afraid of how she would take it. But now I know fear should not exist. You know too. Of course there was a chance she wouldn’t take it so well, but she did! I only said what I was thinking. Nothing more. No games, no flirting techniques.

Do what you fear and fear disappears!

Till the next time, have a nice day.


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