How to Have Multiple Sex Partners

How to Have Multiple Sex Partners
How hard is it to have multiple sex partners and maintain a purely sexual relationship with them for a long period of time? Read this amazing article and find out!

Do you wish to have sex with lots of beautiful women, no strings attouched? Do you wish to have multiple sex partners and zero responsibilities? The secret in succeeding is getting good at three different parts of the Game, plus five habits that you need to adopt after having sex with a girl, so that your relationship will not escalate into something more than sex.

These habits are not that easy to adopt. This is why I meet men who have lots of beautiful women in their lives, but could not achieve a purely sexual relationship with them and just be friends with benefits.

Which are the top 3 parts of the Game that I need to get good at?

  1. Meet and attract beautiful women.

It does not matter where or how you meet them. It could be in bars, coffee shops, supermarkets, online dating. You need to learn how to build sexual attraction.

How do I build sexual attraction?

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  • Teasing. Challenge the girl, tease her, make her laugh. Take advantage of the buying temperature.
  • Role Playing: Excellent way of building sexual attraction, without getting creepy or needy.
  • Alpha Male Attitude: Each woman is looking for something different. But when we talk about sex, a woman will be looking for the Alpha Male.
  • Fast and solid sexual escalation: The girl wants to be seduced. She does not want to be asked to be seduced, though. She wants you to take responsibility for any escalation and lead the way till you have sex.
  1. Make your intentions clear as soon as possible.

The relationship begins when you meet a girl. One of your first priorities should be to make sure your intentions are clear as soon as possible. The girl should know what to expect from you. Now, there are many wrong and right ways of making your itentions clear.

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  • Wrong way to show your intentions: Be too honest.”Look, I wanna be clear with you. All I am looking for is to have sex with you, so do not get any ideas for a relationship or something”. This approach could be right when you KNOW that the girl is not emotionally available, so she does not need any pressure right now. It is also effective for girls who do not care about social conditioning – > who have been independent for years, live alone, etc etc. There may be times that a girl will only want to get laid as well, but you could make her feel like a slut if you are so direct.
  • Right way to show your intentions: Never discuss about the future. So, in order to prevent a girl from asking the annoying question: “so, where is this all going?”, I will tell her early on: “Please, tell me you are not one of those girls who start asking if we are in a relationship or not after we have sex.. isn’t it better if you just let things happen?” The girl will want to confirm that she is not a drama queen that starts freaking out after having sex with a guy. After that, I will tell the girl that it is extremely difficult for me to fall in love. I get excited very easily but hardly ever does it evolve into something more meaningful that lasts. That I am so aware of what I want from a girl, sexually, emotionally and spiritually and it is so hard for me to find that girl that will make me feel complete, hasn’t happened to me in the last 4 years. So, there I have a beautiful girl, who will be trying to be that girl for me in order to make me fall in love with her – they always accept the challenge – vanity rules! Then, when they fail the challenge, they will have nothing to blame me for. I had warned them about this and I was being honest with them.
  1. Be a good lover.

Come on, dude. It is so obvious. If you want a girl to love having sex with you, you HAVE TO be good at it. So, yes. Size matters, technique matters, caring for her satisfaction matters.

Are those three habits enough?


Yes, they are. To start with. But when it comes to maintaining a purely sexual relationship, you have to follow these five pieces of advice as well:

  1. Do not meet with her more than once (or twice the most) per week. If you do, then it is most likely that the girl will start expecting more of your time and your relationship is most likely to escalate into something more serious than friends with benefits.
  2. When you first meet her: Talk slowly, keep steady eye contact. Slow moves, correct body language, aggressive physical escalation.
  3. Do not brag about being a womanizer. It is a small world out there. I have lost opportunities due to my big mouth in the past, do not allow yourself make the same mistake as I did.
  4. Keep communication casual. Only text her when you want to meet her. Do not ask her about her day, work etc.
  5. Do not share activities that couples in a relationship share. No romantic dinners, no taking her to the movies. Do not call her just to see how she is doing. NEVER go on holidays with her. Going out for a drink is ok – as long as the final destination of your date is your bed. Whatever you do with her that does not involve sex, gives her hopes and expectations for something more with you.

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