Natural Obstacles: How Much Do You Really Want It?

Natural Obstacles How Much Do You Really Want It
No obstacles should stop you from trying and succeeding. There is no place for excuses. Go for it

Change can be really hard. It’s not only about being persistant in your effort. It’s not only about being so focused and about your desire overcoming your fear. It is also about getting over desperation, lack of stamina and getting over natural objects.

Injuries, Physical Obstacles and Adjustment


Only a few months before I became a dating coach, I faced a serious knee injury. I got operated and was unable to walk for 10 days. I was literally helpless and staying home all day. I used crutches in order to walk and started physiotherapy for three months. The first week was a total nightmare. I could not walk ore take care of myself, I had no mood for food and suffered in pain.

Why do we fall?


As the second week passed, I felt stronger and started walking again. I felt like I was two years old, making my first steps. I was as if I was reborn. Nevertheless, I had to face some natural objects.

  1. I was still in pain and could not walk normally. My knee was still weak.
  2. After my knee got better, I still could not stand still for too long and too much walking was no good for me either.
  3. I needed rest and needed to sleep well at nights.

Yet, I had a goal. Before I got injured, I was determined to get better and evolve as a player. So here I was again, ready to go out. With my best friend and his girlfriend. I had my crutches with me and a knee supporter. I could hardly drive, my left knee was in complete pain. But soon I was having a drink and everything seemed much better. I saw a beautiful girl. I left my crutches and started “walking” towards her….

It didn’t go too good. Well, not for my standards anyway. I got no date, no kiss, no phone number exchange. We talked, she showed some indicators of interest but I was still in pain and not feeling confident. After all, it was my first approach since my operation. I was once again determined to go all the way.

A couple of minutes before I approached the girl, I ran into a friend from highschool. We used to be close friends back then. By watching me approaching a stranger and doing well (for his standards), my friend saw something different in me and started asking questions. It was that Summer that his life would change forever. We went out on a weekly basis. He doubled his sex life in three months and he met the girl of his dreams. They are now engaged and to be married.

The first two months were hard. I could have just said that I should take a break from everything and only worry about getting better, but no. I was focused. I had a purpose. My thirst for getting better was so strong. I went out 5-6 times a week (almost every night). My knee would get worse sometimes because of overtrying but that would not stop me from going out the next day as well.

People would stare at me. It was so obvious that I was in pain and that there was something wrong with my left knee. I just did not care. I once again felt alive. I was up on my feet, approaching women and determined to get even better. Despite the pain, despite the natural obstacles, despite any difficulties, despite my physiotherapist’s strict orders to not tire my knee every night.


Winners are not discouraged by obstacles. They are inspired by them!

Michael Jordan for the win

Michael Jordan was weak as he stepped on the court for Game 5 of NBA Finals 1997. He hardly had the strength to sit up in bed and was diagnosed with a stomach virus or food poisoning, likely caused by a pizza ordered the night before. He finished the game with 38 points, along with the two defining shots in the end, to give the Chicago bulls an important advantage and lead the championship series 3-2.

NBA Legend Michael Jordan, would always have a great night when he was injured or feeling sick. He would have an amazing night as he would try to overcome the obstacle and help his team win. When you want to be a winner, there is no time and no place for excuses. No obstacles, no problems. Only solutions. It doesn’t matter if your back aches, if you are too short, if you have a few extra pounds, if you are afraid that you are too old for this shit (32 year – old men come to me, fearing they are too old for a change!!!). The only thing that matters is your desire. Your desire quides you and gives you all the strength you need.

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