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It is statistically proven that the easiest way to meet women and have sex with them, is internet dating. Anestis has spent thousands of hours evolving the online flirting in general and more specifically in to very popular social media in the world, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is by far more popular with millions of users. Twitter on the other hand, has less active users BUT they can all interact with each other as it is more open in communicating and flirting with strangers.

These are the facts. Everyone who is trying to meet women online has the same thing in mind: They want to meet women and start a sex adventure without having to go to bars, pay for drinks or listen to loud music in places they do not like.

The mistakes that most men make when they flirt online, are so easily spotted so that you can avoid them. This will give you a great advantage and will eliminate competition. The secrets  and the methods that you will learn can not be found anywhere in the world.


We invite you to participate in the most interesting, most complete, step by step seminar (according to your needs and personality), in approaching women online, that starts from step zero (how to initiate a conversation) until the desired outcome that is –not here phone number but  – the start of a sexual relationship.

Are you ready to learn techiques that are guaranteed to get you more women? Do you want to live the experience of having women at your place on the first date, for sex? If you find this appealing, take the seminar and start applying the methods and techniques that you will be taught, then you will easily get one-two more girls per month! Book your seat NOW!

We commit to make you better than you already are!!

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