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Bootcamps – Check here what they are.

This is a life altering experience for those who are interested in changing dramatically their results with women. Furthermore, the Premium Bootcam will help men get the boost they need for their journey to become the man they want to be but also that women dream and phantasize.

Seminars – Check here what they are.

Theory courses take place in our offices or via Skype call for the improvement of your masculinity, your improvement in relationships and to skyrocket your online Game!

Online Dating: The easiest way to meet women and have sex with them!

NLP & Dating: Flirting with women as an evolved form of communication!

Relationship Management: How to improve the quality of your relationships by 217%!


Instructions and guidance through Skype – Check here what it is.

Specifically designed for men that prefer the Online Game/Internet flirting (Facebook, chat rooms, twitter and other social media or online applications) or for those that live outside Athens and need our guidance.

Infield – Go out and flirt with the best Pick Up artist/Dating Coaches in Greece – Check here what it is.

Specifically designed for those that need the practice and training on approaching techniques and for those that require trustworthy winging.



Learn how to be successful with women now, in a two day training program that costs less than a professional, high caliber seminar. It is your time to enjoy being a man!


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