Spiros: Spiros has been the manager of a team of people handling and promoting the image of a big multinational company, and has been acknowledged and awarded in a European level for his performance and contribution. A few years ago he reached the point where he realized that his passion and expertise could not focus anywhere else than in the fields of Communication, Social Dynamics and emotional intelligence.

As his leadership skills grew, Spiros kept testing himself in every chance he had. He kept participating in huge projects of various fields, giving his best and delivering successfully each and every one of them. By continuously breaking his comfort zone, he ended up having a firm grasp of the emotional needs of people that aren’t always expressed by logic. Thus he gained the ability to be able to provide what people, really needed to get and at the same time to get what he wanted in order to achieve his goals.

Spiros is an expert in emotional intelligence and with a deep knowledge of social dynamics and the ability to communicate effectively. As it was expected, he quickly rose to a prominent position between the most famous Pick Up Artists of the Greek community. Apart from his success and the numbers that prove his abilities, he also inspires trust and inspiration to the other members of the community. His high level of rational thinking and his skills in mind games have turned him into a real “social dynamics” loaded weapon.

Apart from being a skillful artist in social dynamics, Spiros is an exceptional and trustworthy addition in any team as a leader or a member. His effective Crisis Management and excellent handling of Pressure, deriving from his many years of work experience in highly demanding and competitive environments are what make him inspire success in all members of the team.

His commitment for improvement and self awareness, demands that he always tries new things and explore uncharted areas of knowledge beyond any comfort zone.

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