Vassilis:  The need to effectively communicate with everyone has always been the driving force for Vassilis. So there was no alternative for him than to study Communication.

His desire for better communication drove him to discover and get involved with the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), in order to expand his knowledge in the science of Communications and human contact, making him one of the few certified NLP Coaches in Greece.

He has been a specialist in a huge customer care group for many years. His experience in this field helped him develop to the maximum his communication skills along with the ability to handle large groups of people. Moreover, his experience in sales made him competent enough to be able to handle any objection or negative response.

By continuously testing his limits and pressuring himself, he has succesfully removed the fear of social exposure and enhanced his existing genuine humor. Furthermore, he developed an uncanny insight in matters of social structures, taboos and social norms.

His first contact with the Pick Up community was in 2010 and his involvement in the first team for Male development of was the next inevitable step.

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