Based on psuchological communication structures, the best Social Dynamics and Pick Up Artists, all recognized in the Greece scene, have united in the first organized and professional effort in Greece.

The instructors/coaches on menOfStyle.gr are ready to help you in your step by step communication with the opposite sex. Together we will handle the dynamics and the barriers that might during your approach, the new acquaintance, the dating and finally the handling of the relationship with women. Together we will apply all the techniques and practices, customized on your needs in order to help you develop. We will examine and work on your needs and the specialties of your character and the surrounding environment you live and work.

Regardless of the coaching program you choose, the whole team of MenOfStyle.gr will be there to help you, each one doing their part. At the same time, you can always choose a one on one coaching through Skype!

Contact now the coach you like:

Anesis: is a well known player in the Greek PickUp community, having a deep understanding of the Game theory and the Psychology of men and women, which he constantly evolves in the difficult Greek reality with the single purpose to make flirting more easy and available to men. His specialties are his humor, his coolness and his spontaneous improvisation. He has tremendous energy which in combination with his genuine humor, enthusiasm and huge experience can captivate not only individual women but whole groups of people! Apart from flirting, he is passionate with everything he does in life and is a well know player as he has been active since 2008.

Chris: with more than ten years of experience in Pick Up, and his interest in Natural Game and Relationship Management structures, he decided to expand his knowledge on psychology, in order to connect his already rich experience with the expertise that would allow him a deeper understanding of the interpersonal contact between men and women. For many years, Chris has been a top Dating Coach and relationship advisor.

Spiros: is an expert in emotional intelligence and with a deep knowledge of social dynamics and the ability to communicate effectively. As it was expected, he quickly rose to a prominent position between the most famous Pick Up Artists of the Greek community. Apart from his success and the numbers that prove his abilities, he also inspires trust and inspiration to the other members of the community. His high level of rational thinking and his skills in mind games have turned him into a real “social dynamics” loaded weapon.

Dimitris: Hardened by the difficulties of life he never stopped looking for new ways to improve himself, and as he always says: “The Self Is Always Coming Through”. Ina fairly short time he approaches women infield and soon he wings with some of the most known Pick Up artists. Soon after, he becomes moderator in one of the biggest pick up forum. Meanwhile he studies a lot about self improvement, social dynamics, female psychology, masculinity and Flirting, thus creating one of the biggest personal archives in Greece. He is specialized in issues of masculinity and attraction.


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