Why we study women

We abdolutely respect and love women. That is why we underwent the procedure to study the dynamics that are developed when we interact or communicate with them. Women are complicated creatures, way more emotionally advanced than men. They have the ability to perceive the emotional state of another person with greater ease and they can handle intersex situations way better than men.

Their evolution process has given them the ability and the power to select their significant others. They are usually attracted to a “strong” male, and by strong, we mean any definition according to the social frames of the current society and the time period they live in. As it is proven, women evaluate certain characteristics and abilities that a man projects through words and actions in order to select him and money have nothing to do with it.

So, women are attracted by men that can project their characteristics and abilities through masculinity and by the way they express their intentions. A man that expresses his true intentions and wants to a woman, is more appreciated than one that hides or is afraid to express them.  The most important thing that a woman wants from a man is to be able to understand the social frames and restrictions she lives in and be able to act like a real man and not embarrass her.

There are different ways and practices you can utilize in order to create the right circumstances that a woman would appreciate, would feel attracted and safe, so as to drop her defenses with a man. You do not have to hide your desire for a woman. On the contrary, this is highly appreciated. It just takes a certain way to do it. Learn how, here


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