You Will Never Be Alone Again

Going out is all about being with friends, socializing and flirting. Now it is your time! You will never be alone again
Going out is all about being with friends, socializing and flirting. Now it is your time! You will never be alone again

I must have been 15 years old, when my family and I went back to the town where my father grew up, during the Summer. My father’s birth town is too far from Athens, so I have so many relatives there that I do not know that well.

My two cousins (girls) invited me to a party. They were my cousins but I knew almost nothing about them. I decided to go to that party, even though I would not know anyone there. I thought it would be a good chance for me to socialise and that this would be easy thanks to my cousins. Damn, I had two beautiful girls with me. How hard could that be?

My two cousins though, were really into two boys that were in the party. So they spent most of the time flirting as soon as we arrived, leaving me alone. Of course I was alone.. I had no friends there. I was not bold enough to start talking to strangers, so I started feeling awful. Apart from all that, I was probably the youngest person in the party. My cousins were two – three years older than me. So, what was I supposed to do?

I started feeling isolated, out of this party, out of this world. I got the feeling that I was alone in a big place. Even though the place was full with people, I felt so alone that I caught myself hoping for a big hole to open and suck me into it. I am sure it is a common feeling that everyone has felt at least once in his life. For me, it was that moment.

alone in the party

I was standing all alone in a corner, holding an alcohol free glass (I was not even a social drinker back then). I was afraid that someone would realise I was only drinking coke (coca cola) and that everybody would point at me and laugh. I felt extremely bad. My only wish was to go home. I was surrounded by so many people, yet I felt so alone. I had not courage to start a situational conversation with someone next to me, definately no courage at all to approach a girl I did not know.


So… I was standing all alone, tottally abrosbed into my own thoughts. Suddenly, I felt a hand giving me a friendly touch on my shoulder. I turn around and see a guy with a huge smile in his face, 2-3 years older than me, introducing himself to me. He was not a homosexual or weird at all. He looked though, as if he were everything I was not: cool and social. He was hanging out with a friend of his and talking to many people in the party. He starts talking to me:

” Hey man, I saw you all alone here and I just couldn’t leave you like this”, he said. “You remind me of myself in a situation like that. I know how it is when you don’t know anyone in a social gathering. It was like de ja vu when I saw you, as if I was looking at myself a couple of years ago.” This is exactly how I feel now when I am Infield with students.

with the guys

I do not know why, but I could hardly remember this incident for the last 10 years. As if my mind had blocked this incident. I came to me out of nowhere a few days ago, as I was walking towards the gym.

I did not have a lousy time at the party after all. It was not fantastic either. But it was an ok night. I had company, I socialized, we laughed, I was introduced to many people. I felt more confident about myself again. I managed to get a boost from this guy and became more social. Someone who felt my problem saved the day. Could I have done this all on my own? No, definately not. But things have changed now.

I will never forget this guy’s words that changed my mood in the party and the whole night. I blame myself though for not remembering his name. I will never forget that a total stranger came to change my mood and help me have a good time, in a place full with strangers. THIS is exactly what we teach you INFIELD. We start together, you get a huge boost and then continue on your own.

You will never feel alone again. This is not about picking up women. This is about building a new life for yourself. What you were till today, could change right now. Are you ready to live the absolute Premium Bootcamp Experience?

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Anestis is a well known pick up artist in the greek pick up community. He has great knowledge and experience and understands deeply both genders' psychology. Anestis has broken the code of greek reality and he can teach you how to do this for yourself as well. Anestis' outer game is amazing and he is extremely capable of keeping interest of a girl or of a hole group of people, using his enthousiasm and his great energy.Anestis has been an active player since 2008. He has studied in the national technical university of Athens (Ntua) and has a civil engineer diploma.Anestis has also attended bootcamps abroad to make his game perfect.
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